Elaine Cheung & Arielle Chor

張依玲 & 初芷晴


年齡: 50

出生地點: 香港

學歷: 大學

職業: 家庭主婦

語言: 粵語、英語、國語

星座: 天秤座

興趣: 唱歌、看電影、逛商場、烹飪

最喜愛歌手: 周杰倫、梁靜茹、陳慧琳

最喜愛的歌曲: 勇氣、蒲公英的約定、一切很美只因有你


年齡: 11

出生地點: 香港

學歷: 5年级

職業: 學生

語言: 英語、粵語

星座: 金牛座

興趣: 唱歌、閲讀、手工藝 、表演

最喜愛歌手: Taylor Swift、Yoasobi

最喜愛的歌曲: Journey to the past


Age: 50

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Education: University

Occupation: Housewife

Languages Spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Horoscope: Libra

Hobbies: Singing, Watch Movie, Shopping, Cooking

Favorite singer: Jay Chou, Fish Leong, Kelly Chen
Favorite song: Courage, A Dandelion's Promise, You Gave It To Me


Age: 11

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Education: Grade 5

Occupation: Student

Languages Spoken: Cantonese, English

Horoscope: Taurus

Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Art and Acting

Favorite singer: Taylor Swift、Yoasobi

Favorite song: Journey to the past

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What significance does the chosen song hold for you?

Elaine: 所揀選的都是她很喜愛的歌曲,那時年輕的美好回憶;

Arielle: 所揀選的喜愛歌曲跟她喜歡的音樂劇有關。

The songs Elaine chose were the songs she loved very much, the beautiful memories in her youth;

Arielle chose the song because she loves musicals.

Who has been your mentor on the musical journey?

Elaine: 的啟蒙老師是跟她一起唱歌的朋友;

Arielle: 的則是媽媽Elaine。

Elaine’s was a friend who sang with her;

Arielle’s was her mum, Elaine.

What genre of songs do you like? Why?

Elaine: 喜歡R&B 、Jazz;

Arielle: 則喜歡J-pop,喜歡它輕快而充滿動感的節奏。

Elaine likes R&B and Jazz;

Arielle likes J-pop because she likes the upbeat style and rhythms of the songs.

Is there a music genre you would like to try in this singing contest?

Arielle: 希望嘗試流行音樂,相信媽媽也會支持!

Arielle wants to try pop music, and for sure Elaine will support her!

What unique experiences have music brought to you?

Elaine: 指音樂為她帶來朋友 ,亦是她和女兒連繫的一個媒介;

Arielle: 曾參加很多音樂比賽,令她認識很多朋友。

Elaine said that music brought her friends and was a way for her to connect with her daughter;

Arielle has participated in music competitions, where she made many friends.

What made you participate in this singing contest?


Since there is no age limit, Elaine and Arielle want to make a common memory and work together. This will be an unforgettable and great experiences for them.

A song that has moved you the most.

Elaine: 揀選了黄凱芹的 《再遇》,無論甚麽時候聽都有着不同的感受,時間真的過得很快;

Arielle: 則暫時未遇到心儀的歌曲。

《Zai Yu》by Christopher Wong is chosen from Elaine. Whenever she listens to it, she feels differently.

Arielle doesn't have her favorite song yet.

Since your earliest memories, what was the first song you loved?

Elaine: 喜歡陳百強的《戀愛預告》;

Arielle: 喜歡 迪士尼歌曲。

Elaine likes Danny Chan's "Love Prediction";

Arielle likes Disney songs.

What was the first album you bought in your life?

Elaine: 的是譚詠麟的《愛情陷阱》

Arielle: 沒有

"Love Trap" by Alan Tam from Elaine;

Arielle does not have any.

Would you consider trying songwriting?

Elaine: 會陪女兒Arielle嘗試。

Elaine will try it with Arielle.

Since when have you enjoyed singing?

Elaine: 從十多歲開始喜歡唱歌,比較擅長抒情慢歌;

Arielle: 則沒有特别印象。

Elaine enjoys singing since she was a teenager, and is good at lyrical slow songs;

Arielle does not remember much about this.